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Choosing Assertiveness to Communicate More Effectively

Beneficiaries of the programme

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The impact of Covid 19 means that people are experiencing change in many aspects of their life. For many at work the pace of work is changing along with the location of work and work priorities. 

Many are experiencing new roles, an increase in our existing roles and the decline of face to face communication. In order to manage these conflicting priorities, we have to work with others and maintain effective relationships.

This programme is aimed at individuals who wish to improve their communication and relationships with others.

This programme also supports individuals who wish to be able to stand up for their own rights whilst upholding their responsibilities to others. 

Programme Overview:

Assertiveness supports individuals in making a positive impact in the workplace.

This programme enables individuals to identify true assertive behaviours and be able to clearly differentiate assertiveness from other behaviours such as aggressiveness or arrogance.

This programme gives delegates an opportunity to identify and explore a range of behaviours and develop strategies to enable them to choose assertiveness behaviours to ensure a positive outcome.  

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Course outcomes

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Explore four behavioural styles and the characteristics of each
  • Consider the impact of each behavioural style on self and others
  • Considered own assertiveness level using a questionnaire
  • Explored the barriers to assertive behaviour
  • Considered the impact of personal communication both verbal and non-verbal
  • Considered a range of assertiveness techniques
  • Action plan strategies to become more assertive in future.

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Feedback Received

” I liked the way you interacted with them, they were all really engaged” – client observer – Government department
I’ve really learned a lot about myself today – client – Asset Management company
“I’ve got a lot to take back that was worth it” – Manager – Insurance Company
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